App #3: My first steps as an Android Developer!

AndifyFor this third and last assignment you will create 1 app using at least 4 of the concepts and ideas presented in Week 6 and Week 7. In short, you can use your Android knowledge of:

  • ScrollView
  • LinearLayout
  • TextView
  • EditText
  • TextWatcher
  • Sharing text
  • Visibility
  • Simple animation
  • Preferences
  • Intents
  • ImageView
  • OnClickListener
  • PostDelayed
  • Runnable
  • Bitmaps
  • Mutable Bitmaps
  • Canvas
  • Saving and Sharing images

You will also likely need some Java knowledge including:

  • String methods
  • String
  • View and int fields
  • Using “if” “while”
  • Creating new Views and other objects
  • Catching exceptions
  • Working with streams and Files
  • Implementing interfaces

This assignment allows for more flexibility and creativity than before. As a beginner, we encourage you to start simply and stay close to the lecture examples. You may copy-paste small portions of code from Lawrence’s examples but the complete app should be original and written for the purposes of this assignment so that it demonstrates your own ability to write an Android program.

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