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What is Virtual Private Network?

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is network technology that secures network connection over a public network such as private network owned by a service provider or the Internet. Government agencies, large corporations and educational institutions use VPN technology to enable users securely connect to a private network.

VPN can connect multiple pages over a great distance just like Wide Area Network (WAN). VPN is often used to extend intranets worldwide to spread news and information to a wide user base. Educational institutions use VPN to associate campuses that can be spread across the country or around the world.

In order to access the private network, an internet user must be authenticated by a unique ID and password. An authentication token if mainly used to access a private network through a personal ID number (PIN) which must be entered by user. The PIN is a unique authentication code that changes in accordance with particular frequency as a rule around every 30 seconds.


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