Copyright-Friendly Resources

Copyright laws vary from country to country, but the basic concept is the same in that you shouldn’t use someone else’s work and claim it as your own. Some people, however, have made their materials available for anyone to use and have given permission to use them by using a  Creative Commons license or releasing their work into the public domain. Below is a list of websites that have Creative Commons or public domain media. This list is provided “as-is.” Be sure to double-check the licensing information for each site, as their copyright statements may have changed, and also check each image, as some sites may charge for images or may also have images that are not in the public domain or available under Creative Commons. Additionally, if you know of other websites that offer a similar service, please share them with the class!

Public Domain, Creative Commons, or Otherwise Free Media



  • Teachers’ Domain. Large repository of digital media in arts, sciences, health, math, English, and social science.
  • Russia Today Free Video. Videos in international affairs, political science, and current events all free to download, caption, and stream.
  • The National Academies. Videos on engineering, biology, climate change, and general sciences. Free to download, caption, and stream.
  • Internet Archive. Library of free movies, films, and videos. Range from class full-length films, to daily alternative news broadcasts, to cartoons and concerts.


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